Product Description

Water bottle 0.5L with official Via Francigena sign and pilgrim.

The association of the Vie Francigene and sloWays are partners of the sustainable project Refill Now

The quick and easy way to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles by facilitating the location of public and private drinking water points, free or paid along the Via Francigena. With a simple scanner in the QR Code or the NFC tag you can find the water points closest to you and instantly refill your Refill Now refillable bottle or your personal water bottle.

Refill Now map is an interactive map with navigation system where public and private water points are located in a destination.
Buy a RefillNow bottle
Scan the QR code or NFC Tag
Find the water spot near you using the Refill Now Map

Fill your bottle. Scan, reload, go!

Now that you havethis bottle all you have to do in Walk along the Via Francigena!


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