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Via Francigena Kit: Pilgrim Passport+Guidebook in Italian+ Waterproof case

Inside the Credential Kit and Official Guide in Italian you will find the official guide to the Via Francigena. The guide provides you with all the information you need to set out on your journey. Discover the detailed maps, the altimetry, the step-by-step description of the route, the official variants, where to sleep and the places to visit

Waterproof Case for Credential

The Waterproof Case will protect your credential from the water. You can take care of the object that will accompany you along the way.

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Via Francigena Kit: Pilgrim Passport + Guidebook in Italian + Waterproof Case

“The Via Francigena” Credential

The credential is the fundamental document for pilgrims. It represents the “passport of the pilgrim”, attesting his identity and motivations.

The Pilgrim must carry it with him in order to be identified as such and to have access to the reception facilities on the itinerary. In every place where he is hosted he will receive a stamp, until the completion of the journey. Many structures welcome pilgrims with the credential requesting a simple offer to support the management costs, in other cases, when it comes to accommodation facilities that offer more services, are generally applied reductions.

Delivering the credential in every place where the Pilgrim is hosted will receive a stamp, useful for completing the journey and necessary to request the “Testimonium” (must have traveled at least the last 200km by bike or 100km on foot).

Many structures welcome Pilgrims requesting a simple offer useful to support the management costs, in other cases, when it comes to accommodation facilities that offer greater services or public transport means such as trains and buses, reductions are generally applied.

“The Via Francigena” Official Guidebook in Italian

Guide of “Via Francigena

The official guidebook in Italian of the Via Francigena provides all the essential information to get in the way:

  • Detailed maps of the Va Fracigena
  • The altitudes you’ll have to pass
  • Step by step description of the route
  • The official variants of the path
  • Where to sleep and the places to visit 


A guidebook for all: pilgrims, trekkers, wayfarers and for those who want to experiment even for short stretches along one of the most famous routes in Europe.

From the Alps to Rome on foot along the route of the ancient pilgrims in the footsteps of Archbishop Sigerico (10th century). A whole month, a week or few days: an extraordinary journey of discovery alone or in a group, among unexpected landscapes, medieval churches and sections of Roman roads, crossing some of the most beautiful and evocative villages in Italy.


45 stops between Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Liguria, Tuscany and Lazio. In every stop on the Via Francigena you’ll have the possebility to have the official stamp on your pilgrim credencial.

Waterproof credential pouch

Protect your credential from wear and tear and water with the waterproof credential pouch. With a simple trick you can take care of the object that will accompany you throughout your journey.

Now that you have the complete kit of the Via Francigena, visit the gadget section to have an unforgettable souvenir of your journey.

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