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Pilgrim passport – Via Romea Germanica

The pilgrim’s credential represents the “pilgrim’s passport”. It attests the identity and motivation of the traveler and is an indispensable tool during the journey. The credential is unique for all the stages  of the Via Francigena Romea Germanica..

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Waterproof Case for Credential

The Waterproof Case will protect your credential from the water. You can take care of the object that will accompany you along the way.

Via Romea Germanica - Official Guidebook in Italian

Buy the guide to the Via Romea Germanica

The Via Romea Germanica - Official Guide, 1,000 km across Italy in 46 stages, full of new insights and useful information for those setting out, even if only for a few days.


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Pilgrim passport -Via Romea Germanica

The Credential certifies the status of “pilgrim”.
A pilgrim is someone who goes to a place of Christian worship with the intention of strengthening his faith and wishes to have an important human and spiritual experience. The Credential commits the applicant to respectful behaviour towards those who offer hospitality and those he/she meets along the way.
It grants access to “Hostels”, shelters for pilgrims; it allows benefits where there is an agreement between the operator and the Via Romea Germanica Association.
The Credential bears the place and date of departure and the place and date of arrival, the stamps of the localities and accommodation facilities encountered, demonstrating the route travelled.
And it is a valid document to obtain a certificate at the end of the pilgrimage: the “Testimonium” once you arrive in Rome.
It can only be used by those making the pilgrimage on foot, by bicycle or on horseback.

Our Credential is numbered, personal and registered.

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Collect all the stamps; the credential contains 64 stamping boxes, more than enough for the 45 Italian stages.

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