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Pilgrim passport – Via Francigena

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The passport contains 64 stamping boxes, more than enough for the 45 Italian stops.

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Together with the Credential we will send you, for free, the lists of the pilgrim's and tourist accommodations along the Way. If you want to receive it, please select the leg you will cover



115 in stock

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Product Description

The Credential is the fundamental document for pilgrims.

It represents the “passport of the pilgrim”, attesting his identity and motivations.

The Pilgrim must carry the credential with him in order to be identified as such and to have access to the reception facilities on the itinerary.
In every place where he is hosted he will receive a stamp, until the completion of the journey.
At times many structures welcome Pilgrims requesting a simple offer useful to support the management costs, on other occasions, when it comes to accommodation facilities that offer greater services or public transport means such as trains and buses, reductions are generally applied.

Delivering the credential in every place where the Pilgrim is hosted will receive a stamp. This is useful for completing the journey and necessary to request the “Testimonium” (must have traveled at least the last 200km by bike or 100km on foot).

With this Credential you’ll be able to remember your trip for the rest of your life and you will fell like your part of a SLOW movement.

Finally, We recommend the purchase together with the official guide of the Via Francigena. They are in fact the two fundamental objects for walkers traveling along the Via Francigena.

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Collect all the stamps; the credential contains 64 stamping boxes, more than enough for the 45 Italian stages.

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